What to Look for and How to Know if Marble Slab is the Right Choice for Your GTA Home

Deciding to buy a marble slab can be a pivotal moment for the interior design of your home. Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones around, known for its inherent luxury and artistic nature. But outside of this allure, how do you know if marble slab is right for your GTA home? Here are a few things to consider.

How messy are you?

Marble is a naturally porous stone, meaning that it has the tendency to slowly absorb moisture that is left on its surface. The chances of it absorbing liquid are increased when the moisture is acidic in nature, meaning high acidity foods like wine and ketchup will tarnish the stone quicker than water. This means that marble countertop owners must be highly aware at all times of what is placed, or spilled, on their counters.
This can also be an issue when young children are regularly using the countertops for crafts or activities, as paint and playdough can become quick dangers to the integrity of the counter. If you are naturally prone to spills or cooking accidents, marble may not be the safest choice.

How hard are you on your counters?

Marble is considered a naturally soft stone, which can be an issue in high-traffic kitchens. Anything from accidentally dropping a dish on the counter, to cutting on its natural surface may leave a permanent scratch. If you are determined to keep your marble countertop in pristine condition for as long as possible, you must be highly aware of the damage your countertop is taking.  When the countertop does begin to tarnish from heavy use, it develops something called "patina.” Patina is the natural discolouration and warping of the stone, and, depending on who you ask, it can be seen as a blessing or a curse. European housing models tend to appreciate the patina more and try not to rid their counters of it, whereas North Americans tend to see it as an impurity that ruins the clarity of the stone. Love it or hate it, patina will develop in the kitchens of even the most cautious marble owners, so you should consider your feelings on it long before investing in marble.

Can you afford marble’s maintenance?

Given that marble is soft and porous, it should come as no surprise that, to keep it perfectly clean, the stone needs routine maintenance. Cleaning the marble countertops with a low acidity cleaning solvent should be done on a regular basis. The emphasis on low acidity here is important, as many regular cleaning products can harm the stone instead of cleaning it. The stone cannot be harshly scrubbed with steel wool like other counters can, so a high level of precaution needs to be taken even when cleaning it. Sealing marble on a yearly basis will also help keep it in pristine condition, however these high quality sealants can come at a high price.
Some homeowners may choose to have their marble sanded down every few years to erase the scratches that the stone obtained. This is actually one of the great benefits of marble, as the scuffs and scratches can be buffed off. 
Like all big investments, the purchase of a marble slab for your GTA home should be decided upon after careful evaluation. Once you know what to look for, and if you are willing and able to keep up with the marble’s finicky nature, the stone is definitely the right choice for you.